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H2STEEL: Green H2 and circular bio-coal from biowaste for cost-competitive sustainable Steel

A European project that aims to support the ecological transition of the metallurgy industry

Benefits and sustainable impact for H2Steel


Decarbonization of the European steel sector


Modification of the conventional route: materials and energy chains

Innovative green hydrogen production

About the project

H2STEEL is a European project which has the goal of creating a ground-breaking competitive solution for sustainable green hydrogen and bio coal production from circular biowaste streams.

The project wants to contribute to the EU Green Hydrogen economy and to the decarbonization of the European steel sector, as its green transition is a priority.

The H2STEEL project’s methodology aims at contributing to a greener steel industry by creating a system that reuses biowaste to open a new route for cost-competitive green H2 in Europe

The h2steel project in numbers
European Funding
years duration

A European project that aims to support the ecological transition of the metallurgy industry

Sustainability and innovation to make the steel industry greener.

Green hydrogen

Sustainable H2 production through a ground-breaking methodology.


Energy from biowaste

Green hydrogen and bio coal production from circular biowaste streams.


Contribution to steel industry’s green transition

Reducing GHG emissions and providing clean energy to the European steel sector.

Project partners


What say about us

The climate cost of the steel industry

Since the Industrial Revolution, the steel industry has been vital to economic and technological progress. However, its reliance on coal has significantly contributed to climate change, with each tonne of steel produced releasing about 1.9 tonnes of CO₂. In 2022, the industry emitted approximately 3.6 billion tonnes of CO₂, accounting

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EU Green Deal. Green H2 contributions

The urgent global climate crisis underscores the interdependence between climate, ecosystems, and human societies. Transitioning to a circular economy, as outlined in the European Green Deal, is crucial for achieving climate neutrality by 2050. Renewable hydrogen production is key for decarbonizing challenging sectors, despite hurdles like high costs. The H2STEEL

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Spain’s Green Hydrogen Revolution: Pioneering a Sustainable Energy Future

Spain is on track to position itself as Europe’s future leader in green hydrogen production, harnessing its abundant solar and wind resources to foment sustainable energy initiatives. This aligns seamlessly with the European Union’s (EU) imperative to boost energy security, with green hydrogen occupying a key role within the REPowerEU

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The environmental road ahead

Green energy from biowaste