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H2STEEL celebrates its Kick Off Meeting in Torino (Italy)

At last! After the hot summer and right after the beginning of the project, the H2STEEL project had its kick off meeting. It started in the afternoon of the 3rd of October 2022. It was hold at the Galileo Ferraris wing of the Politecnico di Torino, located in the same city in the north of Italy.

What did we do at this meeting?

The meeting started with a warm welcome of H2STEEL’s project coordinator, David Chiaramonti, assisted by Claudia Sibilla and the rest of the Politecnico di Torino team. After that, every member of the consortium presented their roles and institutions for the whole consortium to get to know each other.

H2STEEL members were lucky enough to participate in a hybrid meeting where the Project Officer could contribute as well. He spread some important pieces of advice to take into account and also stressed the importance of communicating the project to many different stakeholders, including the general public. He also emphasized the luck of having sister projects like EPOCH or GH2.

KOM meeting

After the Project Officer finished his presentation, David Chiaramonti and Claudia Sibilla showed an overview of the project. This overview included tasks, chronogram, expectations and main goals of the project. This information is really important for the consortium, as it is the base of the project’s work.

Then, some of the work packages were explained by each WP leader and that was it for the day. The majority of the present attendees enjoyed a project dinner and had the chance to network and get to know each other before the months of work ahead.

The 4th of October was a sunny splendid day to finish the Kick Off Meeting. The rest of work packages were fully disclosed for the whole consortium, present and online, to understand everything. Some discussions took place to settle details about the way all the project members will work throughout the project and many ideas were proposed. After all the explanations, it was time for David and all the POLITO team to close the meeting after thanking all the members.

So, for all the networking, ideas, solutions, clarifications, contributions and inputs, a huge thank you to all the H2STEEL consortium. See you soon in the next meeting!

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